Yes, we have expertise and experience ideally suited to addressing the extended crises of public health, economic uncertainty, and political ferment. We also have an open-minded 360-approach that focuses on your needs and your organizational culture, informed by a broad network of practitioners and specialists to draw on to advance your goals and mission. This includes fundraising, governance, legal, data and technology, content, production, marketing, outreach, training and coaching, government relations, website, social media and press relations, and top-to-bottom metrics and strategy. Let us assess your needs, design a streamlined approach, and do it ourselves or coordinate among a team of consultants and service-providers — whether it’s to get you through the next month or to position you for the next decade!

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We provide a full range of services, from media and events, to business and philanthropic strategies, diplomatic initiatives, re-branding, institutional capacity-building, and project management. Behind all this is our process of assessments and consultations, research, networking, prioritizing and clarifying – to generate your unique and coherent strategic prism, through which your vision, potential and impact can be maximized and sustained.


Above & Beyond!

After decades of successful management and innovation, we determined to find the clients who inspire us, and help them flourish even more – and more widely – in ways none of us might predict at the start.


Beyond our cababilities to design and implement projects and institutions, our real strength lies in helping you refine and express your strategy, and doing whatever it takes to realize it anywhere and in every way ("globally") – never to make it our strategy. This is about you!


We are passionate professionals who want to share your passion for your project, and your inspiration. This website reflects our core approach – sharing, partnering, exploring and understanding each other's priorities. The story we tell here is the same story we tell ourselves, and we want nothing less for you!

Our News

U.S. & UN deserve Israel's undivided attention

Shai Franklin published a widely read op-ed in The Jerusalem Post, explaining why Israel cannot maximize its role in these two important arenas with only one ambassador for both posts.

Shaping the Jewish Future

Read Shai Franklin's call for an open and inclusive conversation on the future (and defining) of the American Jewish community — an op-ed and a deeper dive — to start a conversation, and to connect all the conversations.

Op-ed: Reconsidering Community Now: Who, What, Where, Why, and How

Deep Dive: Beyond Coronavirus, Connecting Our Communal Conversations

Here is Shai's follow-up, offering practical steps and an online space to get this process started: Just Do It! A Mechanism to Get Us Started

Holocaust Lessons for Today

As world leaders convened in Jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of liberating the concentration camps, Shai Franklin discussed applying the lessons of the Holocaust to contemporary politics and to the persistence of genocide, racism, genocide, and other manifestations of hate. "Rather than drawing lessons from World War II, in some case they're using it as a playbook."

STEM Leadership

BEST Robotics has tapped YGS co-founder Michael Steiner as its new CEO, a perfect opportunity to apply his educational entrepreneurship and philanthropic expertise. Congratulations, Michael!!

Biden Interview

In September 1997, as Managing Editor of Middle East Insight, Shai Franklin interviewed then-U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden (D-Delaware) about Congress and the Middle East. Read the full interview here!

Billionaires Philanthropy 

Perspective by YGS Co-Founder Michael Steiner on

the UBS/PwC Billionaires Report 2016. >Read More

GloBee Names YGS to Represent Kharkiv & Ukraine 

In early March 2016, working with GloBee, YourGlobal Strategy organized a U.S. visit for Kharkiv Regional Governor Ihor Raynin and a delegation of officials and business leaders. During the visit, in GloBee's new Washington offices across from the White House, YourGlobalStrategy signed an agreement to represent GloBee and Kharkiv Region in the United States. >Read More

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 11.16.12
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 3.07.27 PM.png

Left to right: YGS CEO Shai Franklin, Gov. Ihor Raynin, GloBee CEO Dmytro Shuval (Ron Sachs/CNP)

In March 2016, in conjunction with GloBee, Shai Franklin visited Kharkiv to consult with businesses and philanthropic projects. Shai addressed the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the new Washington Office and the strategies for raising visibility and engagement in the United States. >Read More

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